Why do Junior members of staff leave Political Planning Agencies?

In today’s ever-changing environment, it seems that nothing is certain. One thing that I have witnessed through my six years recruiting top-quality candidates for suitable positions is an increased reluctance of junior candidates to consider planning positions as a long-term viable career option.

This has become a theme, as I have interviewed a growing number of people in the last few years who are simply looking to escape ‘planning’, which I find increasingly hard to understand.

Why is this happening?

I can pinpoint four reasons why planning is becoming less appealing to people looking to make their way in the political world:

The West Wing effect: Due to quality programmes such as The West Wing and House of cards, big-time politics has never seemed more glamorous. For many, who grew up watching these shows alongside studying politics, the allure of big-time politics, conducted at both national and international levels, is simply irresistible.

University education: It appears that politics and other related degrees are increasingly geared towards helping students pursue careers in ‘big politics’with local politics increasingly finding itself left behind or ignored entirely.

Movement: Younger people tend to move around a lot more, as they’re still finding out about themselves and what they want to do. The inevitably leads to lots of movement both in and out.

Cost of living crisis: As rents go up, younger people feel the squeeze and it’s harder for them to remain on the same salary for a long time and generally moving jobs is the quickest way to increase salary.

How can we help with this?

It does seem like a lot of contributory factors are making planning roles less attractive at the moment. That’s where Westminster Search can come in and make the difference. With a previous personal experience of local government positions, allied with an understanding of what is required and deep networks of excellent candidates looking to prove themselves, we’re perfectly placed to help you fill your planning positions.

And for entry-level positions we’ve just created an exciting new service called Graduate Longevity: we find passionate people for your agency for a small ongoing retention fee instead of an upfront cost. This means we can continue to work with you to bring you excellent candidates after the first quality placement.

For more details, why not book a free consultation today and we can discuss your requirements? Alternatively, if you’re looking for more information before making any decision, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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