The Lost Art of Recruitment

In the ever-changing world of talent and staffing, many people feel the human touch has been lost from the art of recruitment – and possibly life in general!

We understand that recruitment is all about making an impact, and we strive to make a daily impact on both the lives and careers of our candidates and the organizations we recruit for. 

How do we achieve this?

The Human Touch: We’re not bots.We’re really are genuine people, listening to you every step of the way in order to gain a good understanding of your employer branding, the role, and your requirements. We’re experts at what we do, in a tough marketplace. We know the marketplace, the sector and the type of candidates who thrive in this type of environment.

The Legwork: is ours, not yours: We know you have a real job to do without being heavily involved in a lengthy recruitment process. We use our insight too source, filter and select only the most suitable candidates to save you wading through job advertisement responses, allowing you to spend more time preparing to interview candidates, as well as doing your day job!

The Long Term: We care that you get the best candidate for the long-term development of your team, organisation and the issues you represent. Our client relationships matter, and as such we work to ensure the candidate you select is perfectly suited to both the position and your organisation, as well as being focused on developing over the long term.

The Bottom Line: Recruitment is rife with hidden costs. Whilst a quick cheap post on a job board might appear to save you money short term, it provides no guarantee of success, no filtering, and likely means time spent on inappropriate candidates, the cost of which negates the saving you were initially trying to make. Westminster Search takes a different approach and saves you money by bringing the best candidates directly to your door. You don’t waste time on repeated marketing costs or the indirect costs of recruitment (such as your new employee leaving just after finishing training because they weren’t a good match). You only pay for getting the best.
Time: Let us guess, you don’t have much of it? Well, for recruitment, we do. The best results in our field require dedicated time combined with experience. Westminster Search, focusing solely on the task at hand, has vast reserves of both to dedicate to you and your vacancy.  

We deliver you 3 qualified high caliber candidates within 72 hours of contact.
We guarantee each placed candidate.

You’ve nothing to lose – so why not witness how we provide human impact to the recruitment process first hand, and book a telephone call today?

Happy recruiting!

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