5 Things a Potential Employer Will DEFINITELY Do After an Interview

What do employers really do after interviewing you? No matter how successful you are, they’ll probably go through their own checklist. Below are five items that most businesses will insist be completed after an interview.


Check the Budget

Brandon Turner from Entrepreneur.com claims “The right employee can produce ten times what he or she cost you. You’ll have purchased the world’s best slot machine! However, the worst employee will cost you ten times more than they bring in.” Consequently, a good employer always makes sure that he or she has the budget to hire someone new before putting out an employment ad. A great employer will always double-check the numbers to make sure he or she still needs the position filled. It’s usually a small gesture, but it’s still an important step that needs to take place.


Get a Second Opinion

Even if you’re a great candidate, your interviewer is going to ask someone else what he or she thinks. Usually, this will be someone in HR or the leader of the team on which you will be placed. It’s a very human reaction and one that should always be taken, especially when trying to fit someone new into an established structure.


Conduct a Background Check

All reputable businesses conduct background checks before hiring. According to JD Palentine a Mitigation Risk Specialist, “the use of background screening and risk mitigation services is a pivotal tactic for fostering a team-oriented environment, strengthening brand security and protecting valuable assets.” Your potential boss wants to make sure you don’t pose a liability to the company before making any hiring choices. They will largely be checking to make sure that the information you put on your application matches your real information. If you’ve been accused of a crime, for example, it’s better to admit it before this check.


Call Your References

If you are applying for an important position, the hiring manager will also call one or more of your references. This is much more likely when your job requires specific experience in the field. As such, you should always make sure that your references are expecting the call from your potential new company.

More Interviews

Finding the right fit is challenging and time-consuming. Dave Ramsey recommends a very detailed process to ensure that a candidate shares company core values and possesses integrity and competence. This will take at least two rounds of interviews – likely more. The five steps above help employers ensure they are bringing the best people on board. While the steps might differ slightly from field to field, they usually take place before an offer of employment is made. If all five steps occur, there’s a very good chance that you’ll get the job.

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